About Us

NC Green Heat has teamed up with multiple Tree Services to provide premium recycled wood products to Wake Forest, Raleigh & the surrounding areas.

We hand-select the best logs, split them, and shelter them immediately to let them season properly. Since we manufacture what we sell and don’t have to go through a middle man; we can provide better quality and pricing than our competitors. These are some of the recycled wood products we produce:

Firewood Products

Firewood pricing varies depending on the season. We deliver within 10 miles of our log yard for $25 and we’ll even stack the wood for $25 more. Need us to go farther? – Just ask…

Cooking Wood is sold in 15lb or 30lb bags and pricing varies depending on the season. Give us a call to see what types of cooking woods we have available. The most common trees we come across in Raleigh are Cherry, Oak, Apple, Hickory, Pecan, and Maple.