NC Green Heat has teamed up with multiple Tree Services to provide premium recycled wood products to Wake Forest, Raleigh & the surrounding areas.

We hand select the best logs, split them, and shelter them immediately to let them season properly. Since we manufacture what we sell and don’t have to go through a middle man; we can provide better quality and pricing than our competitors.

Firewood pricing varies depending on the season. We deliver within 10 miles of our log yard for $25 and we’ll even stack the wood for $25 more. Need us to go farther? – Just ask…

Cooking Wood is sold in 15lb or 30lb bags and pricing varies depending on season. Give us a call to see what types of cooking wood we have available. The most common trees we come across in Raleigh are Cherry, Oak, Apple, Hickory, Pecan, and Maple.

Firewood & BBQ Wood Online Ordering